SÃ¥nn vasker du vinduer

Posted on October 01,2013

If you wash the windows, it is recommended Jif Window System. It is an equipment package consisting of everything you need to get the rails clean windows.

Jif Window system includes bucket with shelf for storage of equipment, prewashed with associated microfiber coat, one squeegee with associated short nalskinne and a micro fiber cloth for drying the window edges.

How to get started?

  1. Clean the window frame free of artifacts.
  2. Feel an old kitchen towel on the windowsill to catch the water that flows from the window.
  3. Fill the bucket with water up to the recommended amount of water, about 3.5 liters (this is indicated by a line in the bucket).
  4. Mix as one cork Jif Window Washing in water.
  5. Attach microfiber coat on prescrubb.

REMEMBER: Do not wash windows in direct sunlight. Then you run the risk that the window dries too quickly, causing stains on the glass.

The use of pre-wash the

  1. Dip prescrubb into the bucket so that it becomes soaked with water. If you wash the windows indoors, you may want to squeeze out some of the water in microfiber coat with his hand. This is to avoid water spills on floors and window sills.
  2. Wash the outside edges of the window first, and work your way inward toward the center of the window surface. Wash with large circular motion and rub extra good spots.

Use a squeegee

  1. First make a dry strip at the top of the window and then a dry stripe down one side. This is done by pulling the cloth along the window edge. Make sure you use a clean dry piece of cloth when you do this.
  2. Then drag the squeegee horizontally across the window surface. Start at the top and working down. Let the strips overlap by a few centimeters. Wipe the squeegee with microfiber cloth between each strip. This is important to achieve a good result. Keep the squeegee with a slight pressure against the window pane. Then slide the squeegee lighter and using less effort on the job.
  3. After you use the squeegee on the entire window surface, end with dry edges of the window micro fiber cloth.

Use a mop pole

Do you have high windows? It's nice to know that Jif Window System is designed to enable both, pre-wash and squeegee can be used with Jifs mop pole.

  1. Attach prescrubb on mop pole. Then clean the entire window surface, but keep the upper 1-2 centimeters of window surface dry. This is to prevent water flowing down the window to take to the water with the squeegee.
  2. Then remove the prescrubb and attach the squeegee mop pole.
  3. Pull the squeegee in the vertical direction downwards window surface. Start on one side of the window and let the strips overlap by a few centimeters. Remember to wipe the squeegee with microfiber cloth between each strip.

Processing equipment

Microfiber hair and micro fiber should be washed in the washing machine after use. Wash these together at 60 degrees. For best results, we recommend that you use liquid or liquid OMO Blenda. Do not use fabric softener. The first time you wash them, do not wash them with other clothes - so to avoid discoloration. 
Heng cloth and coat to dry before putting them back in the bucket. They will not dry if they are in the bucket with the lid on.

TIP: Remember that the rubber has two sides. When the long side has been worn, you can take the gum out of nalskinnen, flip it and stick it in skinnnen again. This gives you a new and sharp rubber edge that can be used on the window surface. This is important to achieve a streak-free result. Over time, the rubber wear, and there will be a need to replace it. Rubber can mostly be found in ordinary hardware stores.